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Herbal Oasis

Herbal Oasis

A blend of herbs, oils, and minerals designed to soften and heal dry, damaged skin. You will notice smoother heels after your first soak.!


Benefits Include:

*Cleansing (antimicrobial, antifungal)


*Reduces swelling and inflammation


*Eases pain and muscle fatigue

*Enhance blood flow to feet, and legs


6 oz


Ingredients: Minerals: Fine ground pink himalayan salt, epsom salt Oils: Tea tree oil, carrier oils Herbs: Rose, lavender, lemongrass, and moreInstructions: Empty your soak into a basin and fill with hot water, not too hot.! Add your herbs and soak until the water cools. Apply Bewitched and wear socks.

Warnings: Product has not yet been evaluated by the FDA. Stop use immediately & consult a physician if irritation occurs. For external use only. Discard 60 days after opening.

Manufactured by: Deviant Charme Tuscaloosa, Al 35405

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