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6 Card Spread

6 Card Spread

All readings are non-refundable. Readings are completed within one to two business days.

You must include a valid email address or phone number during checkout to receive your reading.


Information will be sent to you in the following format:

*A photo of the full spread

*A photo of each individual card

*An individual interpretation of each card

*A final summary of the complete reading and advice on how to proceed.


The customer is responsible for:

*Send a text to 2055261728 with your full name and a clear, filter-free photo of yourself, and your order number.

*Specify in the text if you would prefer tarot or oracle guidance. Once this preference has been submitted, it cannot be changed. If you do not send your preference, your reading will be completed with tarot cards by default.

*Include the topic of the reading or question you would like to be answered in the text.


Topics to choose from include: General reading, business/career, finance, mind/body/spirit, past/present/future, Spirit message, Shadow Self, blockage, trauma, Lunar (retrograde, new year, solar return, full/new moon, etc.), week ahead, month, ahead, and more. I do not offer readings on love, relationships, or pregnancy/fertility as a primary topic.

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